Use technology rather than having technology use you.

John Vanderslice: "I don't really believe that gear sounds great, technique sounds great. Always did and it  always will."

Peter Frampton: "We had all the material well-rehearsed beforehand, then we just went in and performed the songs straight off, adding as little as possible after the fact. If you think back, that's really how Frampton came alive. We performed the songs as a unit, as opposed to sitting around and watching everyone do their parts individually."

Niko Bolas: "But there's no sense beating yourself up for not sounding exactly like someone else. Because you just can't. Instead, you should just enjoy the art of recording and engineering for your own ears, and have fun. It's just a dance."

As Matt Wallace observes, there is one thing you simply can’t do without. “Everything is of secondary importance when compared to the real source of good sound - which comes from an accomplished player with decent equipment playing with an intensity or focus that ultimately moves the listener”, says Wallace. “It’s just impossible to separate good sound from an outstanding performance.”
"Keeping things loud, large and - most important of all - live. Perfection? Maybe. Human? Definitely."

Someone would come up to me and say, "You know, you can't do that, Chuck". My response would be:"Who cares? If it sounds good - I'm doing it!"
"And that's the whole point of recording - you need to trust your ears."
Chuck Britz.

Liam Watson: "Just find something that works fine for you, and learn to use it properly. Once you've got a bit of gear that does what you want it to do, that's it - end of story."